“Frankly we haven’t seen such a powerful movie for a long time which tells us the story of the struggle with the nature’s tough conditions.”

Olkan Özyurt – Sabah

“It’s one of the ripe fruits of the new era Turkish cinema.”

Serkan Baştimar – sinefesto

“This is a movie which is right on spot on the rigid sociological reality of Blacksea. It also very powerful in the artistic perspective.”

Metin Kondel – Author

“This movie has such a powerful reality, you forget that you are watching a movie while you’re watching.”

Tran Anh Hung – Director

“It’s a production that drives you to think about existence.”

Büşra Savcı – filmloverss

“Cold of Kalandar, with its dramatic and realist story, reminds us a survival struggle which takes place in an atmosphere with a hopeless beauty.”

Mert Tanöz – themagger.com

“Cold of Kalandar one of the best movies which is produced in the recent years.”

Alper Turgut, beyazperde.com

“Besides its impressive visuality, it also shines out with its minimalistic yet powerful script.”

Berke Göl, Ali Deniz Şensöz – Altyazı

“We are very glad that the festival discovered such a movie.”

Pauline Terrehorst – President/Head of Rode Tulp Film Festival

“When I first saw the movie my first reaction was ‘this is cinema’ ”

Serdar Akbıyık – Star

“This movie can be counted as one of the best examples of our country’s cinema in the recent years.”

Okan Açmak – Vesaire